Bernhard Frohwitter is a German Attorney at Law (Rechtsanwalt) and holds a degree in mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.).

He began his intellectual property career in 1974 in the patent department of the German aerospace company Messerschmidt GmbH, where he was responsible for electronics-related inventions. In 1980, Bernhard Frohwitter became a senior and founding partner of the German firm of Bardehle, Pagenberg, Dost, Altenburg, Frohwitter, Geissler. In March 1998, he formed FROHWITTER Intellectual Property Counselors with several of his former colleagues from the Bardehle firm.

His practice in over fourty years has focused on obtainment, enforcement and commercialization of patents and patent portfolios of high-technology inventions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, telecommunication and computer sectors, particularly in Europe and in the United States. He was lead counsel in eminent Pan-European litigations relating to Pharma/Biotech and mobile telecommunications


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Bernhard Frohwitter

Dipl.-Ing, Rechtsanwalt

Attorney at Law

Languages: German and English


Possartstrasse 20

81679 München


Tel: +49 89 99 80 9 0

Fax: +49 89 99 80 9 555